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Glenn Wilson at the A&T Project

One of the Techno legends came and play an intimate gig at the The Loft in Rascals, Bangor for the A&T project night. We provided a decor and lighting rig for the event and the event went off with a bang that Bangor hasn’t seen in a while.

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During January and into the beginning of February we were involved with the refit of Embassy – Bangor’s largest nightclub (approx 1500 capacity). The club was rebranded Revive and was given a coat of funky (close to Funktion one) purple. We were asked to install a couple of projection mapped installations, move, reorganise and update the controls for the current installed lighting rig and aide in the installation of a new (second hand) 10K sound system.

Entrance Lobby


Block Video Wall and Sound System

Revive Bar Flames

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NYE @ The Loft – Rascals

For this we event we provided a greater range of production services than just visuals for the event. We were also asked to design and install a decor and lighting rig. Was a good night which saw a lineup of some of the best North Welsh Techno DJ’s, playing until the early hours of the new year :)


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Winter Maddness

The lead up to Christmas is always a mental time, not only with having to finish a long running software development contract, the gigs kept coming hard and fast. It all started with our second outing to Astral Circus at the Brixton Jamm in London in late November to perform a VJ set.

This was shortly followed by Illumninaughty’s Christmas Party (Goblins Grotto) in early December where we created a simple stretchy sheet flower of life geometric figure to project onto.

The last of the run up to Christmas events that we provided visuals for was Manipulate – which is one of North Wales longest running dance events. Coupled to this was the novelty that this was the first time we had got to an event in Hendre Hall, which is one of North Wales very special little venues, that always has a amazing atmosphere and vibe.


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Pangaea Round II

After having a break from doing events for a couple of months at the end of the summer (due to having to finalise a PhD), the next instalment of Pangaea festival was an initial warm up to get us back into the swing of things, ready for the long nights in the autumn and winter.

We went to the event all geared up to setup the usual double width backdrop screen, but upon arrival found that the event organisers had put a large wooden circle with hundreds of small hexagons cut out of it, with a opaque plastic backing which they initially wanted to backlight. This presented us with some real problems of where to hang the screen as not to cover the cutout and vice-versa. So the solution was to just project onto the cutout and map the smaller cutouts, thanks to the ingenious nature of MadMapper being able to have as many layers as you want, this just wasn’t a problem – maybe a little time consuming.

So about two hours and approximately 300 layers later a pixel wall style display was created. We also projected onto two spheres hung either side of the stage for a bit of side fill. So roll on IllumiNaughty in November, where we are creating a custom projection mapped installation for the second room and providing the visuals for a the main room.

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Autobahns and Flaming Peaks

Second part of the recent gigs, this one is dedicated to our 2956 mile road trip to Burning Mountain in Zernez Switzerland. This was our first foray into Europe for a continental festival and wow what an experience, and really hard work. So after a very long drive over a couple of days we arrived at Zernez on the thursday evening and setup camp for the weekend. The music had already started at 1800 on the thursday and wasn’t due to stop until some point Sunday afternoon, giving a non stop 72hrs of music. Luckily the main stage wasn’t due to start until Friday afternoon, so at least we could grab a few hours sleep.

We woke up to the most magnificent scenery, which was invisible in the darkness of the night when we arrived. The mountains dwarfed the bumps near where we are based in North Wales.


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Recent Gigs

Have had a busy couple of months, driving around the UK and also to Europe. Here is a short round up of the recent gigs in the UK, firstly Astral Circus in London and then Pangaea festival in Manchester.

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Kaya Festival 2013

Just got back from providing visuals and video for the main stage at Kaya Festival, held at the Vaynol Estate, Bangor North Wales. Kaya is in it’s second year now and thankfully the sun came out this to compliment the warmth of the bass coming from the heavy reggae vibes. We worked as part of the production team from EIS Audio Visual who provided the sound, lighting, and video equipment for the main stage. We would like to say a big thanks to the EIS crew for letting us come and play with their toys for the weekend, we had a great time, and roll on next year when it will hopefully be even bigger and better.

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Some Pictures from Old Events

As the website has been updated and there is no gallery, here are some pictures from old events :).

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