Pangaea Round II

After having a break from doing events for a couple of months at the end of the summer (due to having to finalise a PhD), the next instalment of Pangaea festival was an initial warm up to get us back into the swing of things, ready for the long nights in the autumn and winter.

We went to the event all geared up to setup the usual double width backdrop screen, but upon arrival found that the event organisers had put a large wooden circle with hundreds of small hexagons cut out of it, with a opaque plastic backing which they initially wanted to backlight. This presented us with some real problems of where to hang the screen as not to cover the cutout and vice-versa. So the solution was to just project onto the cutout and map the smaller cutouts, thanks to the ingenious nature of MadMapper being able to have as many layers as you want, this just wasn’t a problem – maybe a little time consuming.

So about two hours and approximately 300 layers later a pixel wall style display was created. We also projected onto two spheres hung either side of the stage for a bit of side fill. So roll on IllumiNaughty in November, where we are creating a custom projection mapped installation for the second room and providing the visuals for a the main room.

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