Illuminating the naughtiness.

A rather hot saturday night was had in the bassment of the Manchester Academy 2, where we were providing a simple projection mapped setup for the second room at IllumiNaughty, one of the UK’s leading psy-trance and psy / glitch breaks night (more like an indoor festival). The stage we were providing visuals for, had artists such as Krossbow, and Far Too Loud  providing some funky bass heavy rhythms until the very early hours.


We provided a simple projection setup as we didn’t have much lead in time for this project and there was issues with throw distance from the lighting bars, so we went with a large stretchy backdrop with a couple of stretchy triangle set in front of it to provide a bit of depth to the screen. A two projector rig was used which meant the backdrop needed edge blending, the triangles mapping and then we were ready to go.

A great but very long night was had, and am very much looking forward to the next one, Here are some pics of the setup :).

Illuminaughty VJ Setup



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